Nominee "BC Social/ Shadowplay Communications" - 2023 Best of Boulder City

BC Social/ Shadowplay Communications


About this Nominee

Oh, just a place for fun, social chit-chat about the AWESOME town of Boulder City, Nevada…that sums it up the best, we think! It’s a fun website where we post updates about what’s happening in town … usually 5 days a week. The 6th day is for the eNewsletter and the 7th is well…our day off! The Facebook page is where most of the action happens – it’s fun and friendly with guidelines about not being the right place for … well, bad behavior.

About Boulder City Social. A dear friend of ours started Boulder City Social over 11 years ago. Originally, it grew out of a few comical posts she made about the initial culture shock that came with moving from Los Angeles to a small town like Boulder City.

Now, the web site at has grown to an audience of over 19,000 folks who follow us on our Facebook page as well as Twitter, Instagram and the Weekly eNews Summary. Now – with three social media channels, a website and a weekly eNewsletter to choose from, anyone can be a Boulder City Socialite!

And there you have it! That’s a little bit of history for you. Unless you were looking for a name…which is Jean! If you’re looking to contact us, you can do that through the website’s contact form by clicking here … see ya around town!

Boulder City's a happy place for friends and fans of Boulder City, Nevada!

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