Nominee "Desert Adventures" - 2023 Best of Boulder City

Desert Adventures


About this Nominee

Desert Adventures was established in 2004. Our roots are steeped in kayaking and canoeing the green waters of the Colorado River. We've sprinkled in some mountain biking and hiking, with a healthy dose of field courses to keep you learning. Our mission is to provide mighty adventures in an authentic way.

​We are a family of wandering souls, bound by a river that provides our way of life. Our culture is one of stewardship, education, sharing, and enjoyment. We value connections - both with people and nature. We are diverse, creative, and we dream big. We hold ourselves accountable and we love what we do.

Desert Adventures guides are true outdoor professionals. Guides are required to complete an intensive training program once offered a position at Desert Adventures. They must demonstrate mastery of multiple technical skills, proper judgement and decisions making, group management, risk management, and interpersonal skills. Local history, plant and animal life, and other narration and interpretation skills are mandatory.

Our program has been developed and fine-tuned over the past two decades and we believe this is part of what creates so many successful trip outcomes.

We love the outdoors, we love our guests and we love our jobs!

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